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We are a design firm that help the creative and technically challenged build the website of their dreams.  

The web has been around for more than 20 years and has had a revolutionary impact on culture and commerce.  It's constantly reinventing itself with newer technologies and keeping up with all those changes is a daunting task for any business.  Everywhere Designs lifts that burden from business owners by designing fresh, desirable and easy to use websites, that help communicate your services and products, attract new customers and generate more business.
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Combines CREATIVE talent with TECHNICAL expertise and BUSINESS intelligence into every design.
It's all based on your target audience and what you need them to do.

That said, there are still some basic elements that should be followed.  INTUITIVE navigation, complexity to match your audience skill level.  Interesting FONTS and size shouldn't make it hard to read.  Be mindful of the various meaning COLORS have in other cultures ~ 9% of men cannot differentiate between green and blue.  PICTURES are ten times more memorable than text.  Sites lose their audience in four seconds if it takes longer than that to LOAD.
What makes a great website .......